Having a personal career coach for C-level executives is expected as part of their continuing professional development and it also makes great business sense. Coaches can also be helpful for non executives in various stages of your career. A coach can help polish your communication skills, develop and implement effective leadership strategies in your workplace, and plan a road map for you to move forward on the promotional ladder. The coaching menu varies greatly and the research is showing that professionals who work with a coach are making great strides in the workplace that positively impact performance and results.

Some organizations provide coaching in-house, especially in the upper ranks of the organizational chart. But for those of you who don’t have this as part of your workplace benefits package, seeking out career coaching on your own is a worthwhile investment to consider.

Source: October 4, 2010 – Caroline Dowd-Higgins – The Huffington Post – Read full story.

Life and Business Coaching for Resilience, Creativity and Innovation

Design your future. Sculpt your career. Compose your life.

As your coach, I  will assist you in clarifying your values, vision and goals, and help you develop specific plans to fulfill them, by providing you with resources and support to help you succeed. More


Managing a Midlife Makeover

The Hero’s Journey as a metaphor for coaching

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