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We help organizations develop creativity, innovation and collaborative leadership skills. Services include consulting, training, and coaching with an emphasis on  arts-based learning and design thinking for innovation.

Our insights and methodologies are drawn from the multi-disciplinary perspectives of business management, art, design, and social science research. Our focus is on leadership and team development, creativity, collaboration, and cultivating environments that foster innovation. We believe in positive psychology and the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry (AI): People and organizations flourish when they focus on human ideals, achievements, and best practices.

Creativity at Work  is  an international consortium of professional educators, practitioners of arts-based learning, coaches, culture-change agents, ethnographers, and innovation experts, founded by Linda Naiman.

Who We Are

Linda Naiman is founder of Creativity at Work, and recognized internationally for pioneering arts-based learning as a catalyst for developing creativity, innovation, and collaborative leadership in organizations. As an innovation consultant, Linda advises senior leaders and managers on developing creativity and innovation skills in employees, and fostering an organizational culture that supports innovation. Her consulting is informed by principles and practices of business, arts, design, and social science research. Clients include the US Navy, GE, American Express, RBC, AstraZeneca, BASF and Intel. Linda is co-author with Arthur B VanGundy of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work Using Music, Improv, Storytelling, and Other Arts to Improve Teamwork (first published by Wiley in 2003)  Details.


Kevin Asbjörnson

Kevin D. Asbjörnson, MIM, is recognized in the 2010 Marquis Who’s Who in the World of Global Citizens for his creativity with the integration of music, performing arts-based learning and 21st Century Leadership. Kevin is Founder & Principal Performing Artist of Inspire! Imagine! Innovate! His groundbreaking, interactive leadership development experience, Artistry of Leadership – Creating Meaningful Connections®, integrates his original music with an exploration of the parallels between artists and leaders.

Cynthia DuVal

Cynthia DuVal is an artist, cultural psychologist and innovation researcher who specializes in applying ethnography to change goals. As a pioneering industrial ethnographer Cynthia developed research projects and customer centered design competencies for Xerox PARC, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Verizon Labs, IBM, Red Hat, Radius Design and most recently Transform Australia.The practice of ethnography generates in-depth knowledge of people, values and behaviours and how people shape and are shaped by the cultures, communities, historical context and places in which they live; this knowledge brings customer perspectives into innovation discovery, testing and planning and leads to fresh creative insights, improved customer satisfaction, organizational efficiency and opportunities for brand differentiation.

Erna Hagge, CEC, HRMC, EMC, RMC

Erna’s experience of over 25 years in human resources management in three major organizations and numerous clients encompasses coaching, organizational and personal development, employee relations, recruitment, training, facilitation, and business development. She is known for building coaching and learning cultures. She is the founder and past Lead of Coaching Services for the University of British Columbia (UBC). Her leading edge work has been recognized twice by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with Prism Awards for coaching excellence within organizations, and the Canadian Association of Universities Business Officers Award for Quality and Effectiveness. Erna is co-author Trinamics Coaching Triangle System.

Marilyn Hamilton, CGA, PhD

Dr. Marilyn Hamilton is author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive. She leads a practice community using Integral City frameworks and practical tools to support multi-stakeholder groups in transforming their whole city and eco-region into habitats that are as sustainable and resilient for humans as the beehive is for bees. Her Integral City approach incubates transformation strategies for City Staff, Civic Leaders, Civil Society, Entrepreneurs and Community Participants that integrate their contributions with Purpose, Place, Priorities, People and Planet.

Carol Mase, MA, DVM, MSc

Dr. Carol Mase is a biologist, veterinarian, educator, coach-consultant, and a former pharmaceutical executive. She has worked in global marketing, strategic planning, and large scale organizational change. Prior to joining the business community, Dr. Mase completed three fellowships researching the cell-cell communication that allows complex, non-linear tissues to coordinate and integrate autonomous actions; she is the inventor of the first patent for an anabolic treatment for human osteoporosis. Dr. Mase brings design thinking and the “new sciences” of complexity, neuroscience, and self-organizing systems to business and leadership; providing clients with a living-systems approach to organizational design, and producing results that are innovative and sustainable.

Harold Nelson, PhD, M. Arch.

Dr. Harold Nelson is the Co-founder and CEO, Advanced Design Institute and co-author of The Design Way. His expertise lies in social systems design, organizational systems design, educational design, environmental design, and design scholarship (writer, lecturer, thought leader) His focus is in two areas:The first is on the development of design competent organizations and the second is on innovation leadership development. He was the Nierenberg Distinguished Professor of Design, Carnegie Mellon University (2009-2010) and is an affiliate associate professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington. Clients include universities, governmental agencies and business organizations. Nelson holds a Ph.D in Social Systems Design, from the University of California/Berkeley, 1979.


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