Creativity Drives Business Results

What better way to boost business performance in the New Year, than to kickstart your creativity. If you are reading my blog, then chances are you […]

How do you find the next big thing?

Every entrepreneur with startup dreams, seems to ask, “How do you find the next big thing?” but is it the right question?
Biz Stone, co-founder of […]

Great Entrepreneurs Are Creative Thinkers

Gallup has created a really useful profile on the creative thinker in business. Use the tips below as a coaching tool to help you and your team develop […]

Creativity and Education: Why it Matters

In case you need convincing…
Creative thinking deserves a much higher priority in education curricula, according to college-educated professionals surveyed in new research by Adobe. The […]

Decision-making in the yellow-light zone

Decision-making is easy at a red or green light, but what about the yellow light? An aha moment coaching a client.
One of my roles as […]