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Inspiring Quotes for Creative Leadership

Inspiring Quotes for Creative Leadership Quotes from leaders in all walks of life who inspire creative leadership and innovation Whenever you have no blueprint to tell [...]

The Role of Art in Product Design

By Clair Byrd Many people conflate visual art and design simply because of their many similarities. Art and design both require immense creativity, an acute [...]

What is the connection between creativity and gratitude?

Deepak Chopra says, "Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe," and I believe that to be true. [...]

On reaching your creative potential

5 members of 2015's 'Most Creative People in Business' list who will inspire you to reach your creative potential Many would argue that creativity emerges [...]

Insights from The 2015 Global Creativity Index

The Growth of Creative Capitalism "Capitalism is in the midst of an epochal transformation from its previous industrial model to a new one based on [...]

Creative Renewal at Culterra Magica Under the Tuscan Sun

An unforgettable art holiday When I first saw the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, I was enchanted by the beauty of Tuscany and day-dreamed about how [...]

Awaken your senses to spark creativity

A fun way to ignite your creative spark is to awaken your senses by listening to music and painting what you hear. I've created workshops based [...]

The Age of Insight

The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present If you are fascinated [...]