Creativity and Education: Why it Matters

By |2014/06/24|

In case you need convincing…
Creative thinking deserves a much higher priority in education curricula, according to college-educated professionals surveyed in new research by Adobe. The U.S. study, Creativity and Education: Why it Matters, sheds new […]

Decision-making in the yellow-light zone

By |2014/06/13|

Decision-making is easy at a red or green light, but what about the yellow light? An aha moment coaching a client.
One of my roles as a creativity and innovation coach is to help innovators and […]

Are you too Busy to Innovate?

By |2014/06/10|

When I ask corporate clients what their biggest barrier to innovation is, they mostly say they are too busy to innovate —must be why this widely-circulated cartoon struck a chord on Linkedin. If you feel you are […]

How to Create a Haiku Poem

By |2014/04/17|

Start with a haiku walkabout

I participated in a haiku workshop recently at Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival in Vandusen Gardens. Poet Michael Dylan Welch led us on what he called a “haiku walkabout” to capture […]

April is National Poetry Month

By |2014/04/17|

What is poetry good for?
Good poetry causes me to pause, reflect and decipher. The alchemical moment occurs when I feel illuminated in some way by the poem.

Here’s what Dylan Thomas has to say about […]

Rotman on Design: The Best on Design Thinking from Rotman Magazine

By |2014/02/21|

 features Rotman magazine’s best articles on design thinking and business design. Insights are drawn from the people on the front lines of bringing design into modern organizations, as well as from the leading […]

What is Creativity?

By |2014/02/17|

Revised Feb 17, 2014

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections […]

  • Deloitte Millennial Survey Key findings 2014
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    Our future leaders on business, innovation and their impact on society

Our future leaders on business, innovation and their impact on society

By |2014/02/14|

Gen Y Millennials will soon rule the world and Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2014 reveals some fascinating insights into their values and motivations.
When asked “What is the Purpose of Business?” our future leaders say business must encourage […]

Ira Glass on the Secret to Success in Creativity

By |2014/02/07|

Ira Glass is a master at storyteller and host of the popular radio show This American Life. In this video, Daniel Sax has combined  Glass’s timeless wisdom about creativity with typographic imagery and the result is gorgeous.

Ira Glass […]

Words to live by…

By |2014/01/21|

For a New Year
Flourishing: What do you need to have happen in your life in order to flourish?

Creative: What creative projects will you commit to?

Masterful: What do you need to learn in order to become […]