How a Coach Can Distinguish You in the Workplace

Having a personal career coach for C-level executives is expected as part of their continuing professional development and it also makes great business sense. Coaches […]

How William Shatner Changed The World

How William Shatner Changed the World  The Captains – A Film By William Shatner [amazon_image […]

To self-publish or not, that is the question

Almost everyone I know has a book in the works, and dreams of getting published.  Self-publishing makes it easier than ever, but is it the […]

Five Ways to Foster Your Creativity and Spark Innovation

These are some of the creativity techniques I use to keep my creativity alive and well.
1. Replenish your creative stock
In the The Artist’s Way, Julia […]

Coaching Leaders and Managers: Control Freak Confidential

“Help!” says a new client, “I recently got promoted to a management position at work. How do I find the balance between leading and being […]