Creativity, ADD Meditation and the Brain

The use of drugs to treat children who are disruptive or inattentive in school — children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) — has been highly […]

Artful Creation: Learning-Tales of Arts-in-Business

From the Creativity at Work Newsletter, Sept 2004

What happens when the corporate world adopts a strategic approach to art? Is the result mere hot air […]

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Does Your Office Feel Like a Zoo?

“More time and creativity has gone into designing natural habitats for zoo animals than in creating comfortable office spaces for humans.”
By Judith Heerwagen, Ph.D.
Smart Space: […]

Why Managing Innovation is Like Theater

By Robert D. Austin and Lee Devin
A stage production and the development of your next product have a lot in common. This month’s newsletter features […]

The Four Qualities of Artful Making

The Four Qualities of Artful Making
By Robert D. Austin and Lee Devin


The first (and perhaps the most counter-intuitive) quality of artful making, essential to the […]

Art of Possibility: Ben Zander

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life Ben Zander, conductor for the Boston Philharmonic […]

Invention at play

The Smithsonian explores the inventive side of play and the playful side of invention
Creativity at Work Newsletter July 2002

What do the inventors behind Post-it Notes®, […]

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Art of Conversation: World Café, Salons & Social Change

“Small groups exploring common questions and learning that others are doing the same, has always been the locus for large scale transformative change.” ~Juanita Brown
The […]