How to sell your creative ideas to bosses, clients & other decision-makers

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 When it comes to putting creativity to work, the biggest challenge usually isn’t about coming up with ideas, it’s getting those ideas listened to, accepted, and implemented in your organization.
That’s why it is so […]

9 Questions for Creative Reflection

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9 Questions for Creative Reflection
Design your future. Sculpt your career. Compose your life.

What creative projects did you complete in the past year?
What creative risks did you take?
What wisdom have you gained?
What didn’t you accomplish […]

Books on Art, Creativity, Design and Innovation

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Load up your reader with these books on Art, Creativity, Design and Innovation:


 by Harold G. Nelson and Erik Stolterman. MIT Press 2012

Harold Nelson is a colleague and I value his wisdom and clarity. He […]

Meditation makes you more creative

By |2012/11/20|

Meditate to create: the impact of focused-attention and open-monitoring training on convergent and divergent thinking
How interesting! Cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato and her fellow researchers at Leiden University used creativity tasks that measure convergent and […]

Science of Creativity Moves Into the Body

By |2012/11/15|

Jeffrey Davis, M.A. has written a wonderful article in Psychology Today about embodied creativity. He asks,
“Why do new ideas and solutions surface to awareness when we’re away from the studio and instead gardening or […]

What is the connection between creativity and workplace wellness?

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Workplace wellness isn’t just about physical health, it is also characterized by a motivated, engaged and inspired workforce who do great work.

The presence of creativity indicates a healthy life force energy and spirit of […]

Fine arts degrees open doors –

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Honoured to be mentioned in the Toronto Star

Here is an excerpt

The value of a fine arts degree in Ontario has been challenged in the past few years. Universities, such as Queen’s in Kingston, Ont., […]

The Rising Tide of Corporate Refugees: Is your company at risk?

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The rising tide of Corporate Refugees: Is your company at risk?
Here’s my take on emerging trend: A new breed of corporate refugee is emerging that could have an adverse effect on your company. Over […]

Give Your Dream a Plan: 7 Questions to Ignite Extraordinary Results in Your Business

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If you only buy one book about creating your vision, I recommend by Barbara Richards. This is the most comprehensive manual I know of to help you envision a business that speaks to […]

What Creates Wealth?

By |2012/08/03|

I am thrilled to see an economist and policy adviser frame wealth creation in Canada in terms of creativity, and not commodities. What Creates Wealth? According to Todd Hirsch and Robert Roach,

Economic wealth […]