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  • Deloitte Millennial Survey Key findings 2014

Our future leaders on business, innovation and their impact on society

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Gen Y Millennials will soon rule the world and Deloitte's Millennial Survey 2014 reveals some fascinating insights into their values and motivations. When asked "What is the [...]

Ira Glass on the Secret to Success in Creativity

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Ira Glass is a master at storyteller and host of the popular radio show This American Life. In this video, Daniel Sax has combined  Glass’s timeless wisdom about creativity [...]

  • Words to live by

Words to live by…

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For a New Year Flourishing: What do you need to have happen in your life in order to flourish? Creative: What creative projects will you commit [...]

How to cultivate your creative brain

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Dr  Shelley Carson, a Harvard–based researcher on creativity, psychopathology, and resilience, has devised a useful framework for developing creativity. In her book Your Creative Brain, [...]

  • sleeping

The Unconscious Mind at Work

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If you want to work smarter, faster, and make better decisions, let your unconscious mind do some of the heavy lifting. Recent research by psychologist [...]

  • Brain Imaging:functional_ROIs

The Real Neuroscience of Creativity

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How we think when we are being creative and why the left-brain right-brain myth will probably never die The myth of the logical left hemisphere [...]

What really fosters innovation in the workplace (infographic)

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This handy infographic* captures findings from the latest in research on what fosters innovation and what impedes it. A holistic approach to innovation ensures success As you can see, taking [...]

Richard Diebenkorn: Notes to myself on beginning a painting

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Richard Diebenkorn: Seawall When I studied art at CCA in Oakland California, Richard Diebenkorn was one of my favourite painters (he still is) [...]