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Explorations in photo-based art-making

  Ipad art by Linda Naiman: Lynn Canyon Well, I haven't been blogging, but I have been creating. Here are some of the [...]

Shifting work

By Harold Jarche The death of middle class jobs (Associated Press): As software becomes even more sophisticated, victims are expected to include those who juggle tasks, [...]

The Business of Creativity: Assessing the Creative Spark

  The Business of Creativity: Why it matters Assessing the creative spark: TIME (in collaboration with the Motion Picture Association of America and Microsoft) polled Americans [...]

Neuroscience takes us inside the learning brain

Cognitive neuroscience will shape the future of corporate learning practices. I love cognitive neuroscience because the discoveries from this emerging field of study validate the [...]

Creativity on the Go: These iPad tools make it easy

Ever since I got an iPad I've been experimenting with using it as a device for creative expression. I began by experimenting with photography, and [...]

Left vs Right Brain Infographic

Left vs Right Brain Illustrated Is your left brain at war with your right brain?  In truth we are whole brain thinkers, and could not [...]

Scientist finds link between the neurobiology of music and language

A prime reason to incorporate arts-based learning in business and education: The link between the neurobiology of music and language "The brain on arts is different [...]

OECD Report on Teaching Creativity in Schools

Teaching Creativity "Are we really serious when we say that schools should nurture creativity and other skills for innovation?" This OECD report on Asian educational [...]