Sanjay Gupta taps into both sides of his brain

By |2012/04/18|

Sarah Hamsen has written an inspiring interview with Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and a medical reporter for CNN, about his life and work. He writes a column for Time magazine as well as books […]

How do you sell creativity at work and get people on board with change?

By |2012/04/12|

How do you promote creativity in an organization run by conservative left-brain thinkers who don’t like creativity?
I’ve been asked variations of this question a few times lately. Here are some tips for encouraging creativity […]

Iain McGilchrist on the Divided Brain

By |2012/04/09|

Iain McGilchrist on the Divided Brain

In this mile-a-minute RSA animation, Iain McGilchrist describes the real differences between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain. It’s not simply “emotion on the right, […]

Mercedes Benz Uses Whole-Brain Thinking

By |2012/04/09|

Mercedes Benz Uses Whole-Brain Thinking in this Left Brain/Right Brain Ad Campaign
I love this ad campaign for Mercedes Benz. I know we are supposed to get over the idea about a split brain (that […]

Seven Ways to Foster Your Creativity and Spark Innovation

By |2012/04/09|

This slide presentation was part of a creativity seminar I gave at the Vancouver Product Camp last month on how to foster creativity and spark innovation —in yourself and in your organization. These are […]

How to Converse like Socrates

By |2012/03/24|

Guest contributor Loren Ekroth offers guidelines on conversing and questioning like Socrates, based on the book by Ronald Gross and Michael Gelb.
Conversing like Socrates
Until recently, when I listened to an audio-course on Socrates by […]

Can Creativity be Taught? Results from Research Studies

By |2012/03/23|

In 1968, George Land distributed among 1,600 5-year-olds a creativity test used by NASA to select innovative engineers and scientists. He re-tested the same children at 10 years of age, and again at 15 […]

The Future of the Training Department

By |2012/03/22|

Does corporate training need to be re-imagined and re-designed?
By Jay Cross and Harold Jarche

Corporate training needs to evolve if it is to stay relevant for today’s learners. Check out this thought-provoking guest post by Jay […]

ROI on Creativity: Ideas are the Currency of the New Economy

By |2012/03/15|

Creativity Training: ROI Return on Investment
Many organizations, such as 3M, Frito-Lay, and Texas Instruments, have introduced systematic creativity activities into their training and production processes with outstanding results. Frito-Lay, for instance, reports documented cost savings over […]

Mine the Future for Innovation

By |2012/03/07|

Mine the Future for Innovation
Is it possible to download the future?
If you want to see the future coming, 90 percent of what you need to learn, you’ll learn outside of your industry. There is […]