Neuroscience takes us inside the learning brain

Cognitive neuroscience will shape the future of corporate learning practices.
I love cognitive neuroscience because the discoveries from this emerging field of study validate the […]

Creativity on the Go: These iPad tools make it easy

Creativity on the Go:
If you don’t have much time for your own creativity, these iPad tools make it easy
Ever since I got an iPad […]

Left vs Right Brain Infographic

Left vs Right Brain Illustrated
Is your left brain at war with your right brain?  In truth we are whole brain thinkers, and could not […]

Photos of Hatley Park Gardens at Royal Roads University

I took these pictures of Hatley Park gardens last Spring at Royal Roads University. If you come to my workshop at Royal Roads on Whole Brain […]

Scientist finds link between the neurobiology of music and language

A prime reason to incorporate arts-based learning in business and education: The link between the neurobiology of music and language
“The brain on arts is different […]