Arts-based learning and development for leaders, managers, and teams

November 2008

The Dance of Leadership: The Art of Leading in Business, Government, And Society

The theme for the this month is arts-based learning and development

September 2008

Linda Naiman on Creativity at Work

An interview by Tatsuya Nakagawa, co-founder of Atomica Creative Our approach to innovation has been somewhat focused on the industrial side. We're always looking for [...]

April 2008

Quiz: What is the connection between leaders and artists?

Arts-based dialogue Quiz:  How many, if any, from each list are a mirror image of the other? How many, if any, match? How [...]

June 2007

Inventoritis Exposed:The Missing Bridge Between Marketing and Engineering

Inventoritis Exposed: The Missing Bridge Between Marketing and Engineering By Peter P. Roosen & Tatsuya Nakagawa An often misunderstood and poorly managed industrial process is the [...]

September 2004

Artful Creation: Learning-Tales of Arts-in-Business

What happens when the corporate world adopts a strategic approach to art? Is the result mere hot air – and entertainment at best? Or does [...]

January 2003

Why Managing Innovation is Like Theater

By Robert D. Austin and Lee Devin A stage production and the development of your next product have a lot in common. This month's newsletter [...]

The Four Qualities of Artful Making

The Four Qualities of Artful Making By Robert D. Austin and Lee Devin RELEASE. The first (and perhaps the most counter-intuitive) quality of artful making, [...]

September 2000

Painting Music Live at the IDRIART Art and Business Conference

By Linda Naiman From the Creativity at Work Newsletter, September 2000 This summer I lived a dream that wasn't even my own dream; it was [...]