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April 2012

Iain McGilchrist on the Divided Brain

Iain McGilchrist on the Divided Brain

In this mile-a-minute RSA animation, Iain McGilchrist describes the real differences between the left and right hemispheres of the […]

Mercedes Benz Uses Whole-Brain Thinking

Mercedes Benz Uses Whole-Brain Thinking in this Left Brain/Right Brain Ad Campaign
I love this ad campaign for Mercedes Benz. I know we are supposed to […]

Seven Ways to Foster Your Creativity and Spark Innovation

This slide presentation was part of a creativity seminar I gave at the Vancouver Product Camp last month on how to foster creativity and spark […]

March 2012

Can Creativity be Taught? Results from Research Studies

Updated June 6, 2014
George Land’s Creativity Test
In 1968, George Land conducted a research study to test the creativity of 1,600 children ranging in ages from […]

The Future of the Training Department

Does corporate training need to be re-imagined and re-designed?
By Jay Cross and Harold Jarche

Corporate training needs to evolve if it is to stay relevant for […]