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January 2011

Embracing creative chaos 

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Malcolm Gladwell on why creative types need to embrace chaos Gladwell speaks about creativity, chaos and the messiness of imagination. In my experience as a [...]

Top Ten Reasons to Play

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  Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown [Avery]   Why is play essential to organizational [...]

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Brain Jazz: A new view of the brain’s inner workings

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From the Salk Institute for Biological Studies Jan. 2002 According to accepted dogma, the brain responds to sensory experiences somewhat like an electronic bucket brigade, [...]

Dr Amen: Seven Simple Brain-Promoting Nutritional Tips

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Dr Amen's seven step plan to get your diet under control and to use food as brain medicine.

Dr Amen: Seven Ways to Optimize your Brain and Your Life

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By Dr. Daniel G. Amen   The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your life. It is involved [...]

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Interview with inventor Dr. Nakamats

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by Chic Thompson Author of What a Great Idea! [amazon_image id="0060969016" link="true" target="_blank" size="medium" ]What a Great Idea: The Four Key Steps Creative People Take[/amazon_image] [...]

Xerox PARC: Collaboration at the Intersection of Art and Science

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An interview with John Seely Brown By Linda Naiman One of the most enjoyable aspects of being co-author of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work, was interviewing [...]

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Four Ways to Replenish your Creative Spirit

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1. CAPTURE YOUR DAYDREAMS Daydreams are fertile ground for the imagination to soar. As you sit absorbed in a problem, notice when you get lost in [...]