February 2012

Arts in Business: Applying arts based learning to organisations

Arts in Business: Applying arts based learning to organisations
Artists and business leaders have many parallels. Both involve having a guiding vision, a potent point of […]

A Context for Arts-Based Learning for Business

A Context for Arts-Based Learning for Business
To understand the process of creative genius, it is valid for business people to look at the model of […]

Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Development

Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Development:
Learn. Create. Innovate.
Imagine the results you and your team will be able to produce when you’ve unlocked creativity and applied it […]

About Creativity at Work

About Creativity at Work

We help organizations develop creativity, innovation and collaborative leadership skills. Services include consulting, training, and coaching with an emphasis on  arts-based learning […]

  • How do you foster creativity at work? © Linda Naiman

Featured Articles

Featured Articles on Creativity and Innovation:
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Fostering Creativity and Innovation at Work

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Can Creativity be Taught?
Maximizing Your Creative Thinker […]

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Linda Naiman

About Linda Naiman
Linda Naiman is founder of Creativity at Work, and recognized internationally for pioneering arts-based learning as a catalyst for developing creativity, innovation, and […]

Inspiring talks about creativity, innovation and leadership

Linda Naiman is a frequent speaker at international conferences and business forums. These highly visual, interactive presentations are designed to inform, inspire and ignite creative […]