April 2015

  • Painting by Douglas Coupland

“Innovate or die” Why innovation matters

If you are serious about innovation, then you likely keep track of what is in the offing. A great resource for future scanning is the […]

March 2012

Mine the Future for Innovation

Mine the Future for Innovation
Is it possible to download the future?
If you want to see the future coming, 90 percent of what you need to […]

February 2012

  • Arts-based learning for business

Arts in Business: Applying arts based learning to organisations

What is arts-based learning?

Arts-based learning is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, using the arts as a pathway to explore non-art topics such as leadership and […]

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A Context for Arts-Based Learning for Business

A Context for Arts-Based Learning for Business
Arts-based learning for business provides the crucible for creativity, innovation and transformation that helps us thrive in a world […]

  • How do you foster creativity at work? © Linda Naiman

Featured Articles

Featured Articles on Creativity and Innovation:
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Fostering Creativity and Innovation at Work

What is Creativity?
Can Creativity be Taught?
Maximizing Your Creative Thinker […]

January 2012

Orchestrating Collaboration at Work: Excerpt

Using music, improv, storytelling and other arts to improve teamwork
By Arthur B. VanGundy and Linda Naiman
(Originally published by Wiley/Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer 2003)

Orchestrating Collaboration at […]

October 2011

How to put your imagination to work to spark creative ideas

Here are some terrific examples of connecting diverse stimuli to generate creative ideas:
Excerpted from “Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work” by Michael Michalko, New […]

  • Creativity workshop

Creativity at Work delivers results: Case Studies

Arts-based learning, creativity and innovation consulting drive results
New Product/Process Development

The objective was to design and deliver an innovation workshop for 100 engineers in a government organization:
To […]