April 2015

“Innovate or die” Why innovation matters

If you are serious about innovation, then you likely keep track of what is in the offing. A great resource for future scanning is the [...]

January 2014

Creativity Workshops for Business

Unlocking creative potential is key to economic growth Creativity is not the mystical attribute reserved for the lucky few. Creativity is a skill you can [...]

June 2013

Creativity at Work | Home page

Creativity at Work Learn. Create. Innovate. Creativity at Work is an innovation consultancy specializing in arts-based learning and design thinking as a strategy for innovation. We [...]

February 2013

Influence and Persuasion Skills: Leading Strategies for Getting Results

Influence and Persuasion Skills: Leading Strategies for Getting Results The success of your project and the course of your career depends on your ability to [...]

October 2012

What is the connection between creativity and workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness isn't just about physical health, it is also characterized by a motivated, engaged and inspired workforce who do great work. The presence of [...]

August 2012

The Alchemy of Coaching: Finding the Gold of Wisdom

Alchemy is a metaphor for coaching: Helping you transform leaden thinking into the gold of wisdom on your Hero’s Journey of transformation When the world as we [...]

March 2012

The Future of the Training Department

Does corporate training need to be re-imagined and re-designed? By Jay Cross and Harold Jarche Corporate training needs to evolve if it is to stay [...]

February 2012

Arts in Business: Corporate arts-based learning

What is corporate arts-based learning? Corporate arts-based learning is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, using the arts as a pathway to explore non-art topics such [...]