January 2012

Artful Leadership Skills for Creativity and Innovation

An arts-based learning approach to leadership Being a leader in the 21st century requires a new set of skills to thrive in a world that [...]

October 2011

Creativity at Work delivers results: Case Studies

Arts-based learning, creativity and innovation consulting drive results New Product/Process Development The objective was to design and deliver an innovation workshop for 100 engineers in a [...]

June 2011

Strategic Conversations, Visual Thinking & Arts-based Dialogue

Strategic Conversations, Visual Thinking & Arts-based Dialogue Ignite creativity in your group through expertly facilitated strategic conversations, designed to transform leaden thinking into the gold [...]

October 2008

What is the cure for boring meetings? Spark creativity.

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10 ways to spark creativity in your meetings Meetings…the source of much misery and time-wasting in the workplace. When the topic comes up with clients, as [...]