January 2012

  • Arts-based learning for business

Artful Leadership Skills for Creativity and Innovation

An arts-based learning approach to leadership Being a leader in the 21st century requires a new set of skills to thrive in a world that [...]

October 2011

  • Creativity workshop

Creativity at Work delivers results: Case Studies

Arts-based learning, creativity and innovation consulting drive results New Product/Process Development The objective was to design and deliver an innovation workshop for 100 engineers in a [...]

June 2011

  • Creativity workshop in Denmark

Strategic Conversations, Visual Thinking & Arts-based Dialogue

Strategic Conversations, Visual Thinking & Arts-based Dialogue Ignite creativity in your group through expertly facilitated strategic conversations, designed to transform leaden thinking into the gold [...]

October 2008

What is the cure for boring meetings? Spark creativity.

10 ways to spark creativity in your meetings A manager in a large government organization asked me what could she do to make meetings more enjoyable, [...]

April 2007

Five Minds for the Future

Howard Gardner argues that to survive the demands of tomorrow’s world we must develop five ways of thinking, or five ‘minds’. The disciplined mind has [...]