Arts-based learning for business

The Alchemy of Leadership: Developing the Artful Leader

The best way to learn 21st Century leadership skills is through arts-based learning and design-thinking processes.

Since all great art pushes boundaries beyond established norms, it can teach us about creativity, courage, leadership, ambiguity, and complexity. The arts (painting, improvisation, music, and storytelling) take us on adventures in creative expression that help us safely explore unknown territory, overcome fear, and take risks. Art-making has an alchemical effect on the imagination. Artistic processes create a crucible for transforming leaden thinking into the gold of wisdom. Insights from art experiences inform leadership and inspire breakthrough ideas for innovation.

Developing the Artful Leader


  • A theoretical framework for creative leadership
  • Principles and practices for developing the art and craft of leadership
  • Creating the conditions for personal and organizational transformation
  • Artistic practice and mindfulness
  • Experiential activities using a variety of art forms to stimulate imagination, creativity and camaraderie
  • Knowledge transfer: Each activity is tied to an organizational objective/challenge and serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversation and new insights

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the art and craft of leadership (not how to be an artist)
  • How to spark creativity, improve teamwork, and develop collaborative leadership skills
  • Develop leadership presence and reflective practices
  • Sustainability and creative resilience
  • Inspiration and renewal
  • Build longitudinal capacity to sustain creativity and innovation

Time frame: 1 or 2 days

Programs are customized to suit your organizational requirements, and include coaching support.

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