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Struggling to innovate and keep up with the competition in your fast-paced industry? Look no further. Studies reveal that companies lacking a strategic approach to creativity risk losing 1.5 times more market share  compared to their less creative counterparts. Imagine the impact on your business within just a few years!

The solution lies in unlocking your creative potential.

Businesses that invest in creativity are statistically (88 percent) more likely to foster innovation, be competitive, provide better customer experience, have satisfied customers and be financially successful (85 percent). Additionally, businesses are more likely to have happier employees and increased employee productivity (88 percent). (Adobe 2016)

At Creativity at Work, we empower organizations like yours to unlock their innovative potential through our unique framework and methodology. Ready to ignite your team’s spark and drive breakthrough results? Contact us today to learn more!


Our Approach to Creativity and Innovation Consulting, Training, and Coaching

Our insights and methodologies are drawn from the multi-disciplinary perspectives of business management, art, design, and neuroscience. We take a whole-brain approach to developing creativity and innovation, by leveraging arts-based learning as a catalyst for creativity, and design thinking as a strategy for innovation.

Through our tailored workshops, trainings and coaching, we empower executives, teams, and individuals to:

  • Drive breakthrough results: Equip your team with the skills, tools, and frameworks to tackle complex people-centered challenges and generate solutions that truly move the needle.
  • Cultivate a vibrant culture of innovation: Foster an environment where diverse perspectives are celebrated, collaboration thrives, and ground-breaking ideas take root.
  • Personal and professional empowerment: Learn to draw upon your strengths, integrate creativity into your professional life and unlock new possibilities for enriching your career.

Creativity and Innovation trainings are designed to give you an action-based immersive learning experience online or in person.

Ready to spark creativity, ignite innovation, and amplify impact in your organization?

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Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to public sector organizations and non-profits.

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