Corporate arts-based learning as a catalyst for Creativity, Collaboration, and Transformational Leadership in Organizations

Watch excerpts from a webinar I first presented to organizational development professionals at on how I use the arts in business.

Arts-based learning and facilitation is a form of Corporate Alchemy: helping teams transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In today’s economy, leaders are looking for ways to produce extraordinary results, despite having fewer resources at their disposal. As a result, corporate arts-based learning is gaining in popularity amongst some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

What can business learn from the arts? Art is a catalyst for creativity, innovation and transformation. Since all great art pushes boundaries beyond established norms, it can teach us about leadership, change, ambiguity, chaos, change, courage, and creativity.

Engaging in artistic processes provides the means for ‘artful reflection’ in organizational development. The arts (painting, poetry, improvisation and storytelling) take us on adventures in creative expression that help us safely explore unknown territory, overcome fear, and take risks.

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