How a Coach Can Distinguish You in the Workplace

Research is showing that professionals who work with a coach are making great strides in the workplace that positively impact performance and results.

Personal Guru

While having a personal career guru may not seem financially feasible for those at beginning or mid level careers, consider utilizing a coach only for very specific workplace challenges. To avoid Laurence J. Peter’s famed principle that in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his or her level of incompetence, you might seek out a coach if you find yourself in a new leadership role without the skills or experience to effectively lead your team.

Instead of floundering as a new leader with added responsibilities and no clue how to manage and inspire your flock, seek out a leadership coach who can show you how. Even a seasoned leader can seek the help of a coach to get her team unstuck with behaviors or mind sets that are holding them back and preventing maximum results and performance.

Mentors as Coaches

Everyone should develop a personal board of directors they can look to for professional advice. The best case scenario is to include professionals from outside of your current organization so they can provide objective wisdom and suggestions. Or, consider going outside of your immediate department at work to utilize the in-house expertise and institutional history within your workplace.

If you have the wherewithal to hire an executive or career coach to help you achieve your maximum potential you are investing in your future success. Coaching in the workplace is here to stay so take advantage of this any way you can get it!

Source: Caroline Dowd-Higgins – The Huffington Post – Read full story.

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