Meetings Go Better with Art

When it comes to inspiring creativity in your team and engaging participation, meetings go better with art.

Here is an example from an innovation workshop I conducted. The objective was to:

To instil a sense of shared conviction towards productivity and innovation in daily work while equipping pilots and engineers with the skill set to: i) Identify potential challenges to be improved or overcome, ii) Brainstorm and innovate ideas to overcome challenges, iii) Implementation of ideas (i.e. developing a effective product/solution from simple ideas) and  iv.) Recognise the importance of creativity and innovation in the workplace so as to create a effective and efficient working environment.


Take 100 engineers and technicians, (or any other work group) tasked with finding innovative solutions to workplace problems;


  • 3 frameworks for design, creativity and innovation,
  • 5 creative thinking tools
  • 200 crayons
  • 25 pounds of modeling clay
  • 400 sheets of paper, plus
  • a liberal dose of arts-based learning…
  • the presence of leaders with signing authority

..and what do you get?

Storytelling, improvisation, drawing, sculpting, questioning, exploring, teamwork, experimenting and discovery. Laughter replaces seriousness. Stories replace arguments masquerading as debate. Discovery leads to what’s possible and creative energy is unleashed.


  • 10 teams identify opportunities for innovation at work and generate hundreds of ideas
  • 10 prototypes: Each team presents their  best idea using mixed media to build a prototype
  • 3 prototypes are selected by the senior executive who promises funding
  • Inspiration, engagement, and the knowledge to move forward and take action

Time frame: 1 day

Lessons learned?

Imagination is an important component of innovation. Arts-based learning/training stimulates the imagination and actually speeds up the creative process. Innovation is better with art.