Learn Artistic Processes for Generating Creative Solutions in Business

A two-day workshop focused on developing your imagination and creativity —for design thinkers and innovators

Oct 19-20, 2017

Whether your challenge is to create new revenue streams, boost team performance or find a ways to enhance client relationships, getting to a breakthrough idea can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Brainstorming is often the default response; but too often, the results fall short of expectations– ideas are mediocre, or they fall outside of what’s do-able.

One of the best ways to develop your imagination and thus creativity is via the arts —not to become an artist necessarily, but to develop the discovery skills and sensibilities of an artist.

Artistic processes teach you how to:

  • REFRAME problems in order to generate new perspectives.
  • OBSERVE information to decipher complexity, make meaning and discern emerging futures.
  • DISCOVER relationships between unrelated ideas and events.
  • USE imagination to spark ideas
  • WORK at the peak of your potential.
  • TAKE conceptual risks
  • FIND solutions within constraints
  • SURFACE insights using all the senses
  • TRANSFORM vision into action
  • DRAMATICALLY improve your ability to generate ideas
  • USE the arts as an instrument for image-making, meaning-making, and sense-making

Benefits of Corporate Arts-based Learning

  • Experience art as a process for self-discovery. Activities such drawing, painting, and sculpting, quiet the rational mind and awaken the intuitive mind, which enable flashes of insight to occur.
  • Artful reflection will help you identify patterns, decode complexity, seek new perspectives, and see the bigger picture to enable a deeper inquiry into matters of importance in your life and business.
  • How to use the arts to enhance teamwork, collaboration, design thinking, and creativity for innovation

Who Should Attend

The goal of arts-based learning is to provide a framework for using the arts as a catalyst to help you gain new insights and perspectives about workplace challenges. If you are a Design Thinker, innovator, or a leader seeking to take your creativity to the next level, this workshop is for you.

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This workshop is sponsored by Maitre Allianz, Singapore


About the Author:

Linda is founder of Creativity at Work and co-author of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work. She helps executives and their teams develop creativity, innovation, and leadership capabilities, through coaching, training and consulting. Linda brings a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and development by leveraging arts-based practices to foster creativity at work, and design thinking as a strategy for innovation.