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Linda Naiman: Coming to our Senses Through Visual Art — An online creativity workshop addressing the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020

This workshop was part of a series about being artful during the quarantine. Take part in all three workshops on demand. They are free and were created to help inspire and uplift people as well as support front line workers.


A clip from Linda Naiman’s World Business and Executive Coach Summit webcast, 2017


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Linda Naiman is a creativity and innovation consultant, coach, speaker and author, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is founder of Creativity at Work, and is recognised internationally for pioneering arts-based learning as a catalyst for developing creativity, innovation, and collaborative leadership in organizations, and refers to her work as Corporate Alchemy.

Linda is co-author with Arthur VanGundy of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work: Using Music, Improv, Storytelling, and Other Arts to Improve Teamwork, an activity book for trainers, coaches, mediators and facilitators, who want to use the arts to create transformative learning experiences in organizations.

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