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Artist Statement

I am a life-long artist whose paintings are in private collections worldwide. I believe in making life and work a work of art. Even when I am not making art, I aspire to be artful. I am inspired by Vancouver life, beauty, art, & travels. I am particularly interested in capturing the inner essence of an idea or emotion in my art and strive to create works that evoke peace, harmony and beauty for the beholder.

You may wonder why I have so many styles of art. The answer is simple. I have experimented with different media (oil, acrylic, watercolour, and digital) over the years, and each type has influenced my output. One thing I am grateful for in my education as an artist at California College of Arts (where I received a BFA in multi-disciplinary studies) is that we were encouraged to experiment and take creative risks. That gave me a lot of confidence to live my life that way. Read my biography here.

Purchase selected works via Saatchi Art

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