Experience the transformative power of coaching for creativity, innovation, and reinvention

Are you yearning for a more creative and fulfilling life? Whether you’re stepping into a new chapter, wanting to reinvent yourself, seeking inspiration, or facing the uncertainties of constant change, know that you’re not alone and that there’s a solution.

Imagine having a seasoned expert by your side, someone who understands your unique creative challenges and knows exactly how to help you break through those barriers. Someone who will hold you accountable, provide invaluable insights, and guide you towards unleashing your natural-born creative genius. You may have doubts about your creativity, but everyone is creative in their own way.

Transition your life with creativity

You will benefit from:

  • Cultivating a mindset for growth and creativity.
  • Turning barriers into opportunities.
  • Building on your strengths and cultivating resilience.
  • Gaining clarity and a strategic direction.
  • Crafting a clear vision for your life and livelihood.
  • Finding purpose and direction in your creative pursuits.
  • Overcoming procrastination with targeted strategies.
  • Accelerating progress with a dedicated accountability partner.
  • Conquering creative blocks, self-doubt, and fear.
  • Learning practical tools to support creativity, well-being, and reinvention.
  • Achieving success on your own terms.

You’ll also receive access to a treasure trove of resources, exercises, and tools that will supercharge your creative abilities. From brainstorming ideas together, to meditation techniques, and brain fitness tools to slay your inner critic, you’ll have everything you need to keep that creative spark alive and burning bright.

Who I coach

I coach executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers innovators, and creatives. I provide one-on-one coaching as well as team coaching (see below).

Coaching outcomes

I cannot guarantee any outcomes, but I can say my coaching has helped people transform their lives. I have helped clients  overcome blocks, start a new career, a new job, launch non-profits, win new contracts, successfully apply for grants, and get promoted. I’ve also helped them find artistic ways to channel their creativity.

My approach to coaching

During our personalized confidential, coaching sessions, I create a safe, non-judgmental space for self-discovery and accountability. We’ll delve deep into your creative process, exploring innovative techniques and strategies that will transform the way you approach your work. You’ll discover how to tap into your innate creativity, embrace experimentation, and unleash breakthrough ideas.

Our journey unfolds in four key phases based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry—designed to help you tap into your strengths and develop an optimistic creative frame of mind and find solutions:

  1. Discovery Phase: Uncover the best of who you are—your successes, strengths, and periods of excellence.
  2. Dream Phase: Create vivid images of your future, that inspire and motivate you.
  3. Design Phase: Shape your future and experiment with ideas, exploring strategies to bring your vision to life.
  4. Delivery Phase: This phase involves taking action. As you progress, the four-phase cycle repeats, fostering continuous learning, development, and positive changes.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more creative and fulfilling life?

Don’t let your creative genius go untapped a moment longer. It’s time to step out of that rut and embark on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and innovation. Let me be your guide on this transformative adventure.

Contact me today to schedule your free initial 30 minute coaching session.

Your creative journey awaits. Let’s make it extraordinary

Creativity & Innovation Coaching for Teams

Innovation coaching empowers you and your team to think more creatively about your challenges, generate ideas and solve problems effectively, and make the most of your resources. It instills a growth mindset, enhances adaptability, improves communication, sharpens leadership skills, and bolsters productivity.

If you find yourself facing these challenges, innovation coaching can help unlock your team’s full potential:

  1. Struggling to generate fresh ideas for your business
  2. Feeling stuck in a creativity rut and needing a new perspective
  3. Battling to implement innovative ideas effectively
  4. Wanting to enhance problem-solving and strategic thinking skills
  5. Aiming to create new products or services
  6. Needing to improve your existing offerings
  7. Seeking to boost customer satisfaction and brand reputation
  8. Overcoming obstacles and setbacks with resiliency
  9. Dealing with the crush of non-stop turbulent change

Transformations that leaders and teams can achieve through innovation coaching

  1. Foster a Culture of Innovation: Where creativity and risk-taking thrive.
  2. Strengthen Collaboration and Teamwork: For a more productive workplace.
  3. Sharpen Ideation and Creative Problem-Solving Skills: Tackling complex challenges and making informed decisions.
  4. Enhance Strategic Thinking: Building long-term business plans and goals.
  5. Develop a Growth Mindset: Embrace change and adapt to new situations.
  6. Boost Creative resilience, Mental agility and Adaptability in the face of changing market conditions.
  7. Practical Tools for building creative confidence, overcoming self-sabotage and enhancing wellbeing.
  8. Elevate Leadership Skills: Inspire and motivate teams.
  9. Boost your Mental Fitness and overcome the inner critic
  10. Reframe Obstacles into Opportunities

Ready to supercharge your team?

Explore coaching for creativity and innovation as an investment in your business. Contact me today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step toward unlocking your true strengths, talents, and innovation capabilities. Your creative journey awaits – let’s make it extraordinary.

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I was really struggling with how to write the next chapter of my life. I knew I had a lot of untapped potential but I didn’t know how to access it. I had gotten stuck in a rut. I was feeling overwhelmed, out of control, burned out. I had lost my joy, and I felt like I had no purpose. I needed direction, a fresh perspective, and a catalyst to spark the changes I knew I needed to make personally and professionally.

Linda provides clarity and laser-like focus on what exactly needs changing. She quickly calls out patterns that are either aiding or inhibiting success in my professional and personal life. Her honesty helps me cut through the confusion. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly, removes the obstacles and helps me put new strategies in place so I can be successful right away.

She provides constant inspiration and practical tools to help me not just envision the kind of life I want, but propel me towards it. I feel my confidence growing every time I successfully master a new habit. Because of all the resources and techniques Linda employs, I feel more energetic, more effective, and more in control. This has made a noticeable difference in my interactions with others and theirs with me.

While I am not an executive in my organization, my colleagues and even my VPs look to me as a leader! That didn’t happen a year ago, but through the coaching process, I have gained the confidence and skills to act like a leader and people are responding. They trust me to make decisions, they ask for my input, and they look to me to be a voice of reason and good judgment.

— K. Ribich

Through my coaching sessions with Linda Naiman, I have built a solid foundation for my career and life goals. Now being able to clearly articulate my ideas, I feel more confident in my decisions and direction. I now know what fits and what doesn’t within the larger picture. During my coaching with Linda I applied and received a grant. This success is the direct result of the work done in my coaching relationship.

— L. Madera

Linda has been a great coach assisting me in many aspects of my professional life. Her skills helped me to identify the areas in my business that needed clarity and improvement. When I started working with Linda, I was in the middle of a career transformation. She helped me to focus, identify business strategies, and take the necessary steps to get my business off the ground. I highly recommend Linda as a business coach.

—Leslie Fenner

My experience with Linda has been life-changing—such a positive experience. I attribute breakthroughs in key areas of my life, to the conversations I had with Linda.

— David Adams

One of the most poignant learnings I have gained through our coaching sessions is to gauge where to put my focus and energy? Where are the green lights and where are the red lights? Sometimes I have been hovering in the yellow light zone, hesitating to call something for what it was: a red light. Stopping, putting an expiry date on activities and business relationships that are going nowhere–helps me to put energy into positive initiatives. Knowing that a green light is bright green really helps me to put more focus there. Thanks so much for helping me find clarity!

— UBC Professor and social innovation entrepreneur

Through our coaching sessions, I learned how to develop my company and prepare pilots for developing innovation competence in Norway. I also learned from Linda Naiman’s experiences how to develop a group process using artistic methods, and that’s why the pilot groups were so successful. The tools, the conversations, and other helpful things Linda introduced to me, are more important now, than ever. The coaching conversations made me think that I was a part of a bigger evolution, —bringing new positive methods to business. And that Linda’s experiences will help us in the further development.”

— A Skoglund