Could your team benefit from Coaching for Creativity and Innovation?

Learn how to foster creativity, teamwork, collaboration and innovation at work.

If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative. Creativity takes courage especially in times of turbulence, and coaching can help you overcome the obstacles that block fruition.

If you are looking for ways to foster creativity and innovation at work, I can help. My coaching is informed by my background as a professional artist and designer, published author, and corporate creativity/innovation consultant — as well as neuroscience as it applies to creativity, leadership, change and resilience.

It has been my mission to liberate creativity and make life and work a work of art for over 25 years. I view the coaching process as a co-creative appreciative inquiry that forms a crucible for surfacing deep creativity, insights and the gold of wisdom.

  • Develop the mindsets, skillsets, toolsets and habits to foster creativity, teamwork, collaboration and innovation at work
  • Make sense of ambiguity and complexity
  • Develop the leadership skills to foster creativity and bring out the best in your employees
  • Create conditions for effective collaboration within your team and across silos
  • Develop a language and structure for creativity, design, and innovation so that you can manage the process more effectively
  • Foster a culture that supports creativity and innovation
  • Increase your ability to influence for impact
  • Develop the resiliency to maintain your balance and recover from setbacks

Coaching is offered via group facilitation online.