Transform from Stale to Stellar: Spark Creativity in your leadership and teams with a whole brain approach to innovation skills development

Struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation?

You’re not alone. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, many companies find themselves:

  • Drained by unproductive brainstorming sessions that fail to spark fresh ideas.
  • Missing key opportunities because their teams struggle to think creatively.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by constant change and unsure how to adapt.

Today’s business environment demands constant innovation. But many companies lack the tools and strategies to unlock their team’s full creative potential.

Imagine a Workplace Where:

  • Your leaders confidently navigate disruption, turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Your teams collaborate seamlessly, generating breakthrough ideas that solve real-world problems.
  • Your employees have the skills to challenge assumptions, embrace change, think creatively, and find new ways to innovate.

That’s where I come in. I’m Linda Naiman, an expert in a whole-brain approach to creativity and innovation training, consulting, and coaching. I help leaders and teams like yours unlock their hidden potential and turn disruption into opportunity.

Creativity and Innovation consulting, training, and coaching services

Through my proven workshops, breakthrough coaching, and customized programs, you’ll gain:

  • Collaborative problem-solving that sparks a constant flow of fresh ideas.
  • Team leadership skills that cultivate an idea-friendly environment where creativity thrives.
  • Practical tools and techniques that empower your employees to innovate consistently, no matter the situation.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart:

  • Customized Programs: Tailored to your specific needs and challenges.
  • Real-World Experience: Leveraging extensive experience working with leading companies to deliver actionable strategies.
  • Engaging & Interactive: Dynamic workshops that inspire and motivate your team to learn and apply new skills.

Signature Creativity and Innovation programs designed to suit your business objectives

Don’t wait to unleash your team’s potential. Get a free consultation tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Book your call today.

Selected Clients

Clients include American Express, Cisco, Dell, Dawn, RBC, SITA, and HSBC


“Innovation is the key to the company’s future success and the global race for innovation is getting intense. The innovation workshop is really inspiring and engaging as it guides us through different skills and tool kits to explore the potential power of our minds and shows us how to lead the product innovation to business success.”
— Dr. Knut Zoellner, Vice President, Technology, Innovation BASF Polyurethane Specialties (China)

“Companies today struggle to bring together creativity with business insights. Linda has a set of well-thought out and field-tested ways to help all of us think more creatively and more visually. This helps companies imagine their business and understand their customers in new ways, something that is essential at this point in the economy.”

—Steven Forth, Co-Founder at TeamFit, Vancouver

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