Develop the creativity and innovation skills you need to adapt to change, stay competitive and make a positive difference in the world

While robots are great at solving problems and optimizing existing ideas, organizations most need employees with agile minds who can adapt to change, imagine new possibilities and create innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Creativity and Innovation Skills Training / Workshops for leaders and teams

We provide engaging, inspiring, interactive online learning experiences to help you think outside of the box, adapt to change, develop bold ideas, and solve problems collaboratively.

  • Develop the mental agility to think outside of the box and disrupt habitual patterns of thinking
  • Disrupt habitual patterns of leadership
  • Enhance creativity and encourage risk-taking
  • Navigate chaos and ambiguity
  • Get outside of your comfort zone
  • Build trust to break down barriers
  • Develop creative resilience to enhance well-being

Along the way, you will build creative confidence and learn the discovery skills of successful innovators. You will also learn practical creativity tools and techniques you can use on the job.

Each workshop or training is customized so your team can explore real business challenges through the lens of art, creativity and design thinking.

A Whole-Brain Approach to Creativity & Innovation Skills Development

Creativity requires whole-brain thinking: Right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition, plus left-brain logic and planning. We’ll experiment with some powerful ways to go from idea to answer—and map the process in between. Activities involving diverse stimuli create a lively and friendly atmosphere, that awaken the senses, sharpen insights and allow exciting possibilities for taking creative risks—both personally and professionally.

Develop an innovative mindset, characterized by creativity, agility, experimentation, risk-taking and learning. Find creative ways to solve business problems and to find opportunities for innovation to improve services for external and internal customers.

Collaborative Arts-Based Training & Workshops for Creativity, Innovation and Leadership in Business

Arts-based learning is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, using the arts as a pathway to explore non-art topics such as leadership and management in business.

Creative Resilience Skills Development

This course is designed to offer practical skills in building resilience for individuals, teams, and organizations using a coach approach to learning and development. How might you benefit from disorder, obstacles, unexpected events and change?  Learn simple rules, process, and practices to help you and your team to not only withstand stressors but to survive and thrive. Click here for details

Creativity & Innovation Skills Development Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce a creative problem-solving framework to give you a language and structure for leading creatively and managing the innovation process
  • Develop the mindset of high performing creators and innovators
  • Learn how to generate, analyze, evaluate and implement creative and innovative ideas 
  • Become an agile whole-brain thinker: Integrate right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition with left-brain logic, analysis, and planning
  • Learn practical tools and techniques to unlock creativity in individuals and groups
  • Create an idea-friendly environment that enhances creativity, innovation and collaboration.
  • How to present your ideas to get buy-in from stakeholders
  • Develop seed ideas for your specific challenges and strategies to implement these

Case Studies:


“Innovation is the key to the company’s future success and the global race for innovation is getting intense. The innovation workshop is really inspiring and engaging as it guides us through different skills and tool kits to explore the potential power of our minds and shows us how to lead the product innovation to business success.”
— Dr. Knut Zoellner, Vice President, Technology, Innovation BASF Polyurethane Specialties (China)

“Companies today struggle to bring together creativity with business insights. Linda has a set of well-thought out and field-tested ways to help all of us think more creatively and more visually. This helps companies imagine their business and understand their customers in new ways, something that is essential at this point in the economy.”

—Steven Forth, Co-Founder at TeamFit, Vancouver

Selected clients


Clients include American Express, Cisco, Dell, Dawn, RBC, SITA, and HSBC

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