These photos are from creativity workshops featuring arts-based learning and design thinking for business groups.

Here’s what you will experience in arts-based learning and design-thinking workshops:

Creativity.  Inspiration. Energy. Motivation.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Art is an invitation to have a conversation. It is a potent catalyst for a deeper inquiry into business issues, providing the means for ‘artful reflection’
  • Find shared values quickly and without aggravating debate.
  • Prototype possibilities for developing new products / services.
  • Rehearse “what if” options that lead to meaningful insights regarding change.
  • Aesthetic experience helps leaders make tacit knowledge visible; e.g. patterns, processes and relationships.
  • Foster an appreciation for diverse and pluralistic points of view.
  • Reduce meeting time costs. Envision the future direction of your company, gain consensus with little conflict and drive strategy from the top down and bottom up, in one day.
  • Co-create a road map to your future.
  • Foster an innovation ecosystem