This series of free online workshops explores ways to enhance your well-being with creativity and the arts

At the height of the pandemic, I was invited by friend and colleague Beibei Song, to participate in creating a series of “playshops” on being Artful in Quarantine. The objective was to create interactive learning experiences using a variety of art-forms to help people take a break from the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic and enhance their well-being through explorations in a variety of art-forms. We also raised funds through the workshops for Covid healthcare workers.

We had great fun exploring ways to be engaging and interactive in an online learning environment and I am happy to say our workshops are now available on-demand. Scroll down below to access the workshops in 3 Acts. 

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Why art?

Art is a source of well-being, especially during a pandemic. Art connects us to our humanity and to each other, giving us a sense of hope and optimism as we navigate between two worlds — the old world, pre-covid, and the new world we are creating.

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Act I. The Sensorium: A Sanctuary for the Soul with Beibei Song

Unlock your inner world with a blend of physical and mindful sensory exercises. Bring it out with artful whimsey. Immerse in the moment, then let it expand, and find calmness and immunity-boosting nourishment within.

Act II. A Healing Musical Journey with Frank Kilpatrick and Rayko Takahashi

Take a step away from the madness  and find personal peace with this musical voyage. Learn to listen deeply, and let the music and lyrics enrich your hearts and minds.Sing and chant away your anxieties, fear and loneliness in our playful chorus.

Act III. Coming to Our Senses Through Visual Art with Linda Naiman

Explore the visual arts for stress relief, centering and grounding. Cultivate your creativity, and awaken your ability to tune in to a future possibility that is begging to emerge.

If you find value in these workshops, please consider making a donation to a charity of your choice that supports Covid-19 community health initiatives. 

Take a deeper dive into arts-based learning:

Beibei’s write up in Medium will give you a sense of what we created in a virtual space:

We greeted each other as we streamed into Zoom, no longer strangers after sharing two uplifting Saturdays together. New guests felt equally welcomed, by warm smiles penetrating the tapestry of 40 computer screens around the globe.

This was Act III of the Artful in Quarantine trilogy. Linda Naiman facilitated the session with an inspiring presentation on the power of art, leading people on a hero’s journey from the old to the new, through the crucible of change.

We explored visual arts both by appreciating the greats and by making our own. We observed, sensed, gained grounding, and tuned into our vision for future possibilities, amidst the chaos and uncertainties still swirling around us.

An air of hope, excitement, and transformation permeated the virtual space we created together over the three weekends. People lingered long after the end of the session, not ready to leave.


Ask about customized workshops for your team


Here’s what a few guests had to say:

“I learned that art is not just drawing. It’s also about observing.” — J. Prakash (9)

“You took us on a journey inside of us, reflected on the outside in the pictures. Thank you very much.” — B. Ertürk K?l?ç

“It was a great pleasure for me to experience these three weeks. Very inspiring for me. Will we be meeting again? I will miss you!” — B. Ertürk K?l?ç

“I love it! Thank you so much for this ‘playshop’! I find it very interesting. I’m not good at drawing, but I learned that it’s not about doing it ‘right’. It’s about just doing it. Very insightful.” — J. Boa

“Artful in Quarantine Playful Time has been life-changing. Truly powerful and transformative that until now I’m still processing it. Forever grateful! — J. Arbolario

“These have been incredible three weeks. Thank you so much for bringing us together!” — A. Sanghvi

“Thanks for organizing these 3-step workshops. They are bringing us back to the real core of our hearts.” — S. Dhavale

“Like Carol Burnett used to sing: ‘Before we know it, comes a time when we have to say so long’.” — J. Law

“Much appreciated the international perspectives.” — D. Storch

If you find value in these workshops, and they enhance your well-being, please consider making a donation to a charity that supports Covid-19 community health

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Published  July 24, 2020. Updated Nov 19, 2021