Is it time to revitalize or reinvent your career?

Tips to spark your creative transformation:

From my interview in the Globe and Mail

Explore your interests and passions. What did you love to do as child? What activities produce timeless states of flow – of being completely absorbed, focused, and energized? What do you wish you had more time for?

When you think of the needs of your community, workplace or environment, where do you feel compelled to participate?

Name your talents and strengths; your natural aptitude or skills for doing something well. We tend to discount things we do easily, but these are the source of our natural genius. If you don’t know what your gifts are, ask others what you do well.

Explore your values: What do you most want to be known for? What really matters?


Are you looking to achieve

  • A life that’s not totally centered around your work?
  • Creative satisfaction?
  • Meaningful work?
  • More harmonious relationships?
  • Order and clarity out of chaos?
  • Resilience amidst change?
  • A higher income?
  • A mid-life makeover?

Let me coach you to achieve these results!