The Alchemy of Coaching is for those on a Hero’s Journey looking for the gold of wisdom that will transform their life or work.

When the world as we know it is no longer fulfilling or endurable, when there is a crisis, or when a door closes, we are “called forth” to step into a higher purpose. Joseph Campbell said: “The call rings up the curtain, always on the mystery of transfiguration. The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for passing the threshold is at hand.”

Joseph Campbell called the stages of change and transformation the Hero’s Journey

What stage are you in?

  1. Leaving the old Status Quo. Stepping into the unknown to find your calling or answer a call
  2. Facing fear of the unknown, loss, grief, uncertainty, or obstacles
  3. Finding gold (your true self) — and your transforming idea
  4. Integrating your vision into your life and work
  5. Returning to the Ordinary World to create your new Status Quo

Aristotle said the noblest goal in life is eudaemonia: Striving toward excellence based on one’s unique talents and potential. For many, this means finding your calling, reinventing your career and making the shift from success to significance.

If you are undergoing a significant change in your life, such as wanting a career change, finding meaningful work, or recovering your creativity, coaching can help you stay on track and move confidently through the anxiety and confusion that can accompany transitions.

As your coach, we will take a deep dive into a co-creative process:

• Providing insight into who you are and your potential
• Offering support, encouragement, and validation
• Discovering or answering your Calling
• Painting a vision of what you can become or accomplish
• Exploring possibilities and building on past success
• Brainstorming strategies together
• Developing creativity and the leadership skills to take action
• Ensuring accountability; checking up on goals
• Making informed decisions
• Designing action steps that lead to greater effectiveness and fulfillment

Design your future, compose your life, and accelerate progress towards achieving your goals.

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The encounter between business and the arts illuminates the value of the human being, with all his/her resources, including the most unutterable of them all, the spiritual one. No wonder Linda Naiman defines herself as a corporate alchemist, who turns leaden thinking into gold. Alchemy, the art of turning any trivial material into gold, is the perfect metaphor for the arts when applied to public or private institutions.
—Tatiana Chemi, from Artbased Approaches