Carlos Santana on Creativity in Business and Art:

“Everything starts with an idea, with imagination.”

It’s so interesting to read about Santana’s creative process. It  is very much like what I advocate at Creativity at Work:

“Imagination and vision are essential in my music and in the way we conduct our business. Sometimes the mind gets in the way, and we start thinking that we’re this or we’re that or that we’re separated. The way it translates is that you take time to feel your heart. For example, your imagination is like a muscle. If you take the time to just sit down and just close your eyes and imagine things, it’s like a muscle you develop. That’s why it’s good to turn off all the computers, TV and noise and just sit with yourself for a while. You can get beyond the noise and you get to hear this voice. This voice sounds very different than all the other accusing voices or guilt voices and fear. Once you start hearing this voice, it is very soothing, gentle and is very non-accusing. And then you can expand upon the ideas and make them a reality. Vision and integrity are more important to me than all of the zeros on the right. I am only interested in a partnership that utilizes great vision to make a positive difference in the world.”

Read the full interview here:  Carlos Santana On Creativity In Business And Art – Forbes.