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A holistic approach to cultivating your well-being at work

  1. Develop your creative resilience
  2. Find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your work
  3. Include time for incubation and play in your schedule
  4. Expressing yourself creatively for fun can energize your work
  5. Nurture relationships at work, and  in your community (face to face and online)
  6. Take additional training. to enhance your skills. (Check out the skills you need to compete with A.I. and automation)
  7. Have a plan to build your personal brand and increase your visibility
  8. Identify what is positive now
  9. Hire a coach, as your confidential thinking partner
  10. Spend time with young people and find out what their passions are

…and when you are working from home

I have been working from home for over 20 years. Here are my recommendations:

  1. Start your day with a positive affirmation. Try affirming “I am healthy, I am happy and I am grateful,” even if you are not. Affirmations can work wonders towards changing your mindset and mood.. While you are at it, identify 5 things (people, places, situations) you are grateful for. Learn about the connection between gratitude and creativity 
  2. Carve out dedicated space for working and make it attractive in terms of lighting, ergonomic seating, and decor.
  3. Set up a routine that works for you. I reserve early to mid-mornings for client work or business development that involves hard thinking, problem-solving, designing or writing.
  4. Schedule breaks and recreation time. No matter how busy I am I take one day a week off to rest and relax. The worst thing you can do is show up Monday morning exhausted because you worked 7 days in a row.
  5. Talk to other people on a regular basis so you don’t feel too isolated.
  6. Motivate yourself to work by finding ways to make it meaningful. Read Creativity and the Meaning of Work
  7. Keep a journal. Use it to unload your angst so you can get it out of your system, and as a place to write down your dreams and aspirations
  8. Set goals for what you want to accomplish and by when. Set a time-frame, say 1 hour, and resolve to focus on your task without interruption.
  9. Reward yourself for completing difficult tasks.
  10. Create small wins to set yourself up for success and reward yourself for those too.
  11. Get outside for at least 30 minutes every day and take a forest bath when you can.
  12. Follow your interests and keep learning. I have noticed that learning and creativity go hand-in-hand. When I follow my interests, learn new things, and express my creativity, I feel renewed and energized. I think this might be the best motivator of all, and sooner or later I make money from those interests because they form the intellectual capital that attracts clients to me.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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About the Author:

As founder of Creativity Work, I help executives and their teams develop creativity, innovation, and leadership skills via arts-based learning and design thinking.(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases on blog posts)
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