Awaken your senses to spark creativity

A fun way to spark creativity is to awaken your senses by listening to music and painting what you hear. I’ve created workshops based on Visual Symphonies in Orchestrating Collaboration at Work doing just that.

The idea for painting music was inspired by Miha Pogacnik at IDRIART and by Wassily Kandinsky.Kandinsky (1866-1944) was the first to paint music and create truly abstract art. revolutionized the art world with his abstract art. Kandinsky revolutionized the art world through his spiritual quest to express inner feeling rather than outer reality in his paintings of music. His book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art (1914) is considered the most influential treatise on art theory of the 20th century—and has impacted the development of all abstract art since.

Photos of my workshop participants:

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Painting music helped people tap into their inner artist, and spark their creativity. For some, this was a liberating experience..a way to escape the intellect and become absorbed in sound, shape and colour. A great way to practice mindfulness by being present in the moment.

One man said he will never listen to music the same way again, and an artist said the experience gave her a new way to approach painting.

My playlist for this workshop included selections from:

  • Milladoiro’s Castellum Honesti,
  • Ravi Shankar with the London Symphony Orchestra,
  • New York Cityscape:IV. African Dance by Canadian Brass,
  • Paul Simon’s Graceland,
  • Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. and
  • Miles Davis’s Sketches of Spain.


This workshop is described in detail in Orchestrating Collaboration at Work: Using music, improv, storytelling and other arts to improve teamwork

Concerning the Spiritual in Art available at Amazon

My own experience Painting Music Live at the IDRIART Art and Business Conference


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