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Inspiring Quotes for Creative Leadership

Quotes from leaders in all walks of life who inspire creative leadership and innovation Whenever you have no blueprint to tell you in detail what to [...]


Awaken your senses to spark creativity

Awaken your senses to spark creativity A fun way to spark creativity is to awaken your senses by listening to music and painting what [...]


Book Review: The Age of Insight By Eric R. Kandel

The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present If you [...]


Let the Elephants Run: Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything – Book review

If you are interested in unlocking your creativity, you will love David Usher’s new book Let the Elephants Run. You can flip through the book [...]


What happens after you’ve ignited your creative spark?

Marshall Goldsmith, a renowned business coach, observes when people initiate a personal campaign to improve themselves — for example, shed a bad habit, exercise [...]


Creative Anarchy: Book Review

Creative Anarchy: How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design for Creative Success When I was a designer of marketing communications in a former [...]


10 Disciplines of a Learner

Teachers at a middle school in the USA created this list of observable behaviours to help assess the growth of learners and improve the way [...]


Are you too Busy to Innovate?

When I ask corporate clients what their biggest barrier to innovation is, they mostly say they are too busy to innovate —must be why this widely-circulated cartoon [...]


Looking for Creative Inspiration? Go on a Haiku Walkabout —Here’s how

I participated in a haiku workshop recently at Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival in Vandusen Gardens. Poet Michael Dylan Welch led us on what he [...]


April is Poetry Month: Explore What Poetry Brings to Business

What is Poetry Good for? Here’s what Dylan Thomas had to say about poetry: "Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, [...]


How to Cultivate Your Creative Brain

Dr  Shelley Carson has devised a useful framework for developing your creative brain, based on findings from neuro-imaging, psycho-physiological studies, and her own research [...]

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