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“Innovate or die!” That’s what Athena the AI future-scanning robot said in 2015

Innovation Trends identified by Athena Update Feb 21, 2017: Athena is an AI robot who uses artificial intelligence to scan trends and write reports including the Shaping Tomorrow Trend Alert. I was intrigued [...]


How to Coach for Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Companies that embrace creativity outperform peers and competitors on key business performance indicators, including revenue growth, market share and talent acquisition According to a recent study by Adobe, these companies [...]


Creative Anarchy: Book Review

Creative Anarchy: How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design for Creative Success When I was a designer of marketing communications in a former life, I was always [...]


10 Disciplines of a Learner

Teachers at a middle school in the USA created this list of observable behaviours to help assess the growth of learners and improve the way they grade students. In [...]

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