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Creativity Isn’t Just in Your Head; Science says your body plays a role too

Jeffrey Davis, M.A. has written a wonderful article in Psychology Today about embodied creativity. He asks, Why do new ideas and solutions surface to [...]


Ideas are the Currency of the New Economy

Organizations that understand the relationship between creativity, innovation and performance, actively promote creativity in their employees and win in the marketplace. The root of [...]


Seven Habits of Highly Creative People

Seven Habits of Highly Creative People is an homage to Stephen Covey (Oct 24, 1932 – July 16, 2012) Make a habit of these seven [...]


Inventor Dr. Nakamats on Developing Genius and Creativity

An Interview with inventor Dr Nakamats by Chic Thompson Nakamats (AKA Nakamatsu) In my country, the drive to succeed-and the competition-is unbelievably intense. From early [...]

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