wheel of life assessment

Wheel of Life Assessment Tool

Use the wheel of life assessment tool to assess your level of  satisfaction or creative fulfillment in each area of your life. You can change the categories you want to measure.

The Wheel of Life represents eight dimensions of your life, including:

  • Career
  • Finance
  • Personal /Professional Growth
  • Health
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Social life
  • Attitude


  1. Draw your own wheel of life or print out a copy of this wheel.
  2. How satisfied are you with your life right now in each of these dimensions? What does success feel like? Mark the level of satisfaction you feel in each dimension on a scale of 0 (low) – to 10 (high).
  3. Join up the marks around the wheel and colour in the space between the spokes, until you have filled in your wheel. The new perimeter represents the wheel of your life.
    Does your wheel of life look and feel balanced? Or are you experiencing a bumpy ride?
  4. Consider your ideal level in each area of your life. A balanced life does not mean getting 10s in each life area: It’s about a smoother ride. What are the gaps that need attention? What actions do you need to take?

Download the Wheel of Life Assessment Tool 

Use this wheel as a springboard for your creativity in every area of your life.

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