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Design Thinking

  1. Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation
  2. How Design Thinking Adds Value to Innovation
  3. Why Design and Systemics Are Crucial to Sustainable Innovation
  4. How Design Thinking is helping HR create engaging employee experiences
  5. Designed Leadership: 5 Lessons in Strategic Design for Entrepreneurs
  6. Design Your Workplace Culture (And Gain a Competitive Advantage)

Creativity & Innovation

  1. Free On-Demand Workshops to Enhance Your Creativity and Wellbeing
  2. Creative Ways To Embrace An Uncertain Future
  3. What is Creativity?
  4. Can Creativity be Taught?
  5. Maximizing Your Creative Thinker Talent
  6. Reflections on Working with Centers of Excellence
  7. Mine the Future for Innovation
  8. Seven Habits of Highly Creative People
  9. Books & Reviews

Arts-Based Learning for Business

  1. Why Art? It Can Have a Profound Impact on Your Leadership
  2. Arts in Business: Applying arts-based learning to organisations
  3. CEOs Discover the Power of Art at Roundtable Retreat
  4. Make Your Life and Work a Work of Art
  5. Can Art Inspire Creativity in the Workplace?

An arts-based recipe book of activities for trainers:
Orchestrating Collaboration at Work
Using music, improv, storytelling and other arts to improve teamwork. By Arthur B VanGundy and Linda Naiman

Articles on creativity and innovation by Linda Naiman on Inc.com


Creativity and Innovation Quotes

  1. Art and Creativity
  2. Creativity Quotations: New Beginnings
  3. Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
  4. Creativity and Play
  5. Creativity in Science
  6. Inspiring Quotes for Creative Leadership
  7. Imagination Quotations


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