Whole-Brain Thinking Skills for Creativity & Innovation

Whole brain thinking for the 21st C

Creativity is a core competency for leaders and managers, and a crucial component of the innovation equation. Creativity requires whole-brain thinking; right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition, plus left-brain logic and planning.

Organizations led by creative leaders have a higher success rate in innovation, employee engagement, change and renewal.Generating fresh solutions to problems, and the ability to create new products, processes or services for a changing market, are part of the intellectual capital that give a company its competitive edge.

Creativity & Innovation Requires Whole-Brain Thinking

The excessive focus on analysis, targets and number crunching, and the absence of introspection and imagination has resulted in a crisis in management which is partly to blame for our current financial crisis. —(Henry Mintzberg, Globe and Mail, 03-16-2009)

Explore the strategic dimensions of Whole-Brain Thinking and learn practical tools and techniques that integrate right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition with left-brain logic, analysis, and planning. The whole-brain thinking model forms the basis for creativity skills development, strategic planning, team development, meeting facilitation and innovation.

Creativity & Innovation skills development  topics:

  • Discovering your Creativity and Innovation styles
  • How to generate, analyse, evaluate and implement ideas: Techniques and methodologies are drawn from business, art, science and design. The exercises are designed to effect shifts in perception, and help people break out of traditional mind-sets and re-frame their world-view from multiple perspectives.
  • Develop critical thinking and strategic decision making skills.
  • Become an opportunity-finder
  • Ask better questions
  • How to collaborate effectively
  • How to enroll others in your ideas
  • Manage Creativity and Innovation processes
  • Design and conduct high-performance idea-generation/problem-solving sessions
  • Lead creatively

Whole-Brain Learning Guide – Workbook

Each participant receives a learning guide in a PDF format. By participating in the activities and completing the workbook you will:

  • Learn about the ways in which you are already creative [and expand them].
  • Learn how to make your life and work more creative.
  • Learn how to identify and strengthen aspects of your creative character.
  • Expand your creativity by applying the six habits of creative people
  • Do practical activities to grow your creativity.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a language and structure for managing creativity and innovation
  • Create a climate conductive to fostering creativity and innovation
  • Design and conduct high-performance idea-generation/problem-solving sessions
  • Identify and use multiple creative-thinking techniques to generate ideas
  • Recognize when and how ideas are stifled and be able to prevent this
  • Build innovation and critical thinking into individual and teamwork processes.
  • Make tacit knowledge visible
  • Apply creative thinking to managing customer accounts, gathering customer insights, and finding leverage points
  • Clearly communicate ideas and get people on board


  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Executive strategy meetings
  • Team-building and leadership development workshops
  • Stand-alone creativity and innovation workshops
  • Creativity and innovation skills training
  • Executive education, executive development
  • Leadership development

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We asked Linda Naiman to conduct a creativity workshop at our global meeting for our Business Unit team of chemists, engineers and marketers, to inspire creative thinking, introduce idea generation methodologies, and develop a set of tangible ideas for new products and services.

Linda offered us a challenging, unusual approach to creativity, which was highly valuable for me. We now have a set of principles and practices for fostering creativity and innovation that we are implementing at our Business Unit. I recommend Linda Naiman to companies looking for effective ways to cultivate creativity in their people

—Andreas Fischer, Senior Vice President Customer Relations Management, Business Unit, High Performance Polymers

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