Organizational Aesthetics is a journal about how the five senses and artistry inform business, non-profit, and government organizations. If you are interested in the theory and practice of aesthetics, and the use of arts-based methods for organizational learning and development, you will enjoy this publication.

Organizational Aesthetics is an online, open-source journal because we wish to be as inclusive as possible. Our hope is to create a place that is as widely accessible as possible for all who are interested in the ideas, stories, and conversations that we seek to enable with the journal. We hope to create a community where we share our thinking and experiences about the aesthetic side of organizational life as a contribution to advancing the theory and practice of organizational aesthetics.”

I am proud to be a member of the editorial board of this important resource, and as a practitioner of arts-based learning in the workplace, I value the contributions made by academics to this burgeoning field.

Selected Papers